Digital Marketing Auditing and Optimization

Digital Marketing Auditing and Optimization It isn’t always obvious if your marketing team is managing the day-to-day operations of your marketing campaign using best practices. Are they attentive to the various digital channels

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Digital Marketing Strategy

After a thorough audit, our team will implement a marketing plan with your company’s goals in mind. With a solid definition of your Key Performance Indicators we can assess whether your success metrics are in line with what your campaign hopes to achieve

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Marketing Training of Staff

Marketing Training of Staff Though marketing concepts have largely stayed the same, digital marketing is constantly evolving. Even the staff in your marketing department likely have trouble keeping up with the latest trends and processes. Staying up to date on the latest

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Marketing Department Process Development

Armed with the data from one of our digital marketing audits of your agency or in-house marketing team, we will help implement all of your objectives into actionable programs

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Executive Summary and Marketing Presentation

Executive Summary and Marketing Presentation BFG Consulting understands that it is not productive for the executives of the company to get bogged down in the details of your digital marketing campaign

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Staffing and Resourcing

Staffing and Resourcing Losing a valuable member of your marketing team can wreak havoc on your campaign. Hiring and training a new employee may take too long and cost your company valuable time and resources. Having BFG Consulting on your side means

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RFP Development, Consultation and Procurement

RFP Development, Consultation and Procurement Finding the right agency can be tricky. Knowing which agency will use best practices in your digital marketing campaign is not easy to determine. BFG Consulting will take finding edigital marketing agency off

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Agency Contract Negotiating and Auditing

Agency Contract Negotiating and Auditing With our inside knowledge of how digital marketing agencies work, we will lead the negotiations with your marketing agency. We know what rates are reasonable based on your campaign needs. When your company needs to fight over fees and terms of the contract

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