Our team

  • Brent Gleeson

    Founder & CEO

    Navy Seal Combat Veteran who went on to build a successful digital marketing agency from the ground up.

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  • Ryan Frank

    Chief Marketing Officer

    8 year veteran of various digital marketing agencies with specialties in SEO and Web Dev

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  • Richard Hale

    SEO Strategist

    11 years working on SEO for medium to Enterprise level businesses with a successful track record.

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  • Jeffrey Holmquist

    SEO Strategist

    7 years in SEO, working in competitive industries with a history of getting fat head terms on page 1

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  • Paul Rodriguez

    PPC Strategist

    10 years experience in PPC, with a dedication to optimization and providing clients positive ROAS.

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  • Doug Johnson

    PPC and Paid Social Strategist

    15 year digital marketing vet, with a full stack background knowing all aspects of Paid media.

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  • Scott Shuman

    Facebook Expert

    Facebook is the fastest growing marketing channel and I am the right person for the job when it comes to maximizing lead gen and traffic from social media.

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  • Jeff Chang

    Analytics Wizard

    12 years in the numbers game, I can automate just about any kind of reporting and provide keen insights into the data.

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  • Jonathan Farrell

    Web Dev/UI

    Working in web dev for over 8 years, expert in design, UI, and more programming languages than I can count.

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