Our Approach

BFG Consulting approaches every task we perform as if we are a part of your company’s team.  

We hold ourselves to the same level of accountability that you would expect from any team member in your company.

BFG Consulting dons the white gloves and meticulously pores over every aspect of your digital marketing campaign.  With military precision, we identify every threat to your bottom line and area of potential opportunity for improvement.

Our approach comes from the background of our founder, Brent Gleeson. A former Navy SEAL, he holds himself and his team to the highest standards of professional excellence.  We bring those standards with us to work every day.

We’ve spent time in the trenches of the digital marketing world. We know how a successful campaign is supposed to look and what the signs of mismanagement are.

Having BFG Consulting on your team should give you the peace of mind that we can help discover a troubled marketing campaign before it becomes a problem.

Part of the Team

We’re not just consultants. We are part of your team and share your goals.


We hold ourselves to the same level of accountability that you would expect from any team member in your company.

Standard Operating Procedure

Our Standard Operating Procedures ensure a successful implementation of the results from your marketing campaign.

Staff Training

Give your staff the tools that are key to understanding digital marketing concepts.  Our training will get everybody on the same page.

The Right Questions

We ask the right questions to get to the heart of your problems and lead to better decisions.

It Takes a Marketer

Our consultants have spent years in digital marketing agencies. They understand how an agency works.

how can we help you?

Contact one of our expert consultants to talk about your digital marketing campaign. We will contact you by phone or e-mail within 24-48 hours.

BFG helped me realize how much more we could be getting from our marketing budgets, they are a true asset to our team

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