Are you getting the most from your marketing campaigns?

Why BFG Consulting?

Our inside knowledge of digital marketing and marketing agencies offers unique insight into your marketing efficiency and 

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What We Do

We are here to work with your existing marketing team or agency to ensure the maximum return for your marketing budget.

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Agency Stories

Read how we’ve audited, organized and executed effective marketing strategies for our clients.

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What We Do

Digital Marketing Auditing and Optimization

Our team performs regular audits and oversight of the work being done which can help maximize the optimization and efficiency of the marketing plan.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Armed with data for our audit, our team will implement a marketing plan bridging the gap between your goals and your campaign.

Agency Contract Negotiating and Auditing

Our digital marketing experts will lead your negotiations with your marketing agency ensuring reasonable rates.  As well as audits into your existing contracts.

RFP Development, Consultation and Procurement

Consulting with various agencies we assess which one is right for you and submit the proper requests for proposal. We’ll help you find the best agency for your needs.

Staffing and Resourcing

If your marketing team has lost a key member, with our insight and expertise, we can seamlessly fill that role until the proper replacement is hired and up to speed.

Executive Summary and Marketing Presentation

Keep your executives up to speed with our executive summary and marketing presentations.

Marketing Training of Staff

We will give your staff the tools they need to improve their knowledge of the workings of marketing campaigns and digital marketing concepts.

Marketing Integrations-Sales and IT

By integrating the marketing approach between sales, marketing and IT, BFG Consulting will ensure that these teams come together to achieve those common goals.

Marketing Agency Coordination

BFG Consulting will provide a central hub to coordinate various agencies to streamline your marketing campaign.

Did You Know...

In 2016

mobile web traffic will surpass desktop

In 2017

Digital Marketing ad spend will surpass TV

Your marketing agency or in house team is working hard.
Is there room for improvement?
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Do you feel like your marketing campaign is leaving money on the table? Talk to one of our consultants today to discuss how we can optimize your digital marketing strategy. Whether the conversation starts with a phone call or e-mail, we are here for you.